Artwork by Ursula Schneider

"Whenever things
get too rough,
I think of those
wonderful days
in the Brooks
[Range], the
feelings of peace
and awe; the
fantastic views
of that rugged,
yet fragile nature
comes back to
my mind—and I
feel better."

-Ancha Dressler

Featured In:
1,000 Places to See Before You Die in the USA and Canada

Arctic Treks

A Premier Guiding Company Operating
Exclusively in Alaska's Far North

Rafting Kongakut River to Arctic Ocean in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

For over 30 years, Arctic Treks has made it possible for small groups of adventurous souls to experience one of the most remote, magnificent wilderness areas on our planet.

The mystique of Alaska is well-deserved, and Alaska's Arctic epitomizes this extraordinary land, with its unimaginable vastness, 24 hours of summer light, stunningly beautiful landscapes and wildlife most people have only dreamed of seeing. We offer a number of ways you can explore the spectacular Brooks Range, including Gates of the Arctic National Park, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, and the Western Arctic:

  • Rafting down an Arctic river in small paddle rafts
  • Backpacking through trail-less mountain valleys and passes
  • Camping at a high mountain lake or pass and hiking, fishing, photographing or wildlife watching to your heart's content

While each trip has its distinctive characteristics, they all share in the qualities that draw many of our clients back over and over again.

Remote camping on backpacking trip in Gates of Arctic National Park "Timelessness is the key word," says co-owner Carol Kasza. "It begins with the light—until you've experienced an Arctic summer, you can't conceive of the abundance of time that 24 hours of daylight gives you. In this remote wilderness, we're free not only from the harried pace of city life, but free from the constraints of time itself."


Artwork: Ursula Schneider
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